Aarogyasanvardhan Project

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~ Jim Rohn
Training and Promotion of peer educators
Immunization and Sanitation Drives
Management of malnourished children

Malnutrition contributes to more than half of all childhood deaths, although it is rarely listed as the direct cause. There is no doubt that poverty is an important risk factor for overcoming malnutrition, but it is not the only constraint. Other major contributing factors are lack of awareness regarding the importance of breast feeding, improper complimentary feeding practices, and early or delayed introduction of complementary foods. Lack of education among mothers specially in the area of health and nutrition leads to malpractices of childcare. Along with all these, diarrhea, malaria and other infectious diseases appears to be significant contributor indicating sanitation to be an important factor for reducing the risk of malnutrition. Malnourished children are, in turn, more vulnerable to disease and the vicious circle is established.

The Aarogyasanvardhan Project focuses on addressing these issues of malnutrition, immunization and poor sanitation by creating awareness among pregnant, lactating women  and mothers and providing interventions to children (0-6 yrs old) in the urban slum communities of Mumbai. Some of the project activities are;

  • Creating awareness on proper sanitation and need for toilets
  • Rigorous screening and identification of malnourished children
  • Provision of proper medication and health checkup for a child along with counseling for their parents
  • Counseling and awareness sessions for best practices for women
  • Medications and micronutrient supplements for pregnant mothers
  • Management of severe malnutrition
  • Regular follow-up and monitoring
  • Creating community Volunteers and training them to ensure continuation of activities beyond the program

A Voice of Beneficiary

A Voice of Beneficiary

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